A novel review: L.U.V.E.

of ... confessions
(pingu Toha's L.U.V.E. novel review)

Why is it so hard to express your utmost true feelings to another person closest to you (be it your parents, best friend(s), worst enemy or a most loved/adored/admired/respected person)?

Why is it much easier to express it to a non-human being, e.g. your pet(s), diary, voice recorder, wall (I'm not talking about facebook's or any social networks' wall), etc.?

Feelings and confessions.

They are something. Something that is not taught in schools, but is often discussed - a discourse, may it be an open discussion or a closed one; feelings are exchanged from one person to another, or perhaps even to other alternatives such as the aforementioned. 

Confessions of lovers' experiences in love (and out of love). Fictitious or not, it is up to the reader to judge. A good read nonetheless. Comical and it is surprisingly ironic that there are people like the characters in the novel - reaching out and trying out to reach each other's love, in many ways.  


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