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Aroma is proud to present:

Coffee & Toast! Details are as below: Performances:
a) Play - "Toast!" - Original Script by Shahredza Minhat
b) Monolog - Excerpts of "Wake up and smell the coffee" - Eric Bogosian Script Dates:
Fri-Sat : 24 - 25 Feb 2006 (830 p.m.)
Sunday: 26 Feb 2006 (230 p.m. and 830 p.m.) Venue:
Taman Budaya, Jabatan Kebudayaan,Kesenian & Warisan, Jalan Tun H.S Lee, Kuala Lumpur (Accessible by Central Market/Pasar Seni Putra LRT) Tickets :
RM 10 (contact Mukeh - 012-2552071 or For further details (Synopsis,cast & crew, map), Please visit (updating in progress) REMINDER : CONTENT MIGHT NOT BE SUITABLE FOR AUDIENCES UNDER 18 Share and Forward to everybody and every mailing list you know!

Just a (stupid) Poem :P

"best friend"A best friend is...
a friend who never gives up on you when others have
a friend shares your laughter, madness & sadness;
your joy & pain.
A person who believes in you no matter how insane your ideas may be.
A person who supports you for who you are.
last but not least, a human so close to you that you barely realise s/he actually really cares about you most.