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English poem #?


Living in disguise
I'm walking in the midst of the night
and the phantom approaches me sayin'
"Forgive your brothers for all their sins they've done
They'll crave for what's left and what's gone
Only if you avoid them all"

Left out in my shadow
I see the living world suffering
My self-esteem blew
Hurtin' every single bone and soul

I close my eyes
Pretending I'm fine
Fact is, I ain't what I am anymore

Slammin' down the phone
I felt life much easier on me
Take me away
I am no longer in my usual state of mind

Please forgive me
I'm leavin' this crazy world for the rest of you
I don't wanna know whatever happens
I'm an angel in disguise...

reenacted 2001, created 1997
SGGS, Penang

Another poem in English

note: This was created 7 years ago; I was a rebellious school gal and all I could do at that time was write. This poem complemented a novel I wrote about the same year. I later retyped the WHOLE novel and managed to keep it as a remiscence of my teenhood :)


I tried to understand
I tried to comprehend
But nothing would come to mind
Everything seems blur and down
I know it is hard to be heard
For what I feel now is hard to describe


Such a word, never a compliment
Knowing I'd be alone again
Roaming thru (through) heaps of memories
It seems never to end

Awake in bed late in the darkest of night
A lost shadow manoeuvres above me
There was a face I saw - shone the moonlight
With enquiries on it, putting me back into time
winding up the lost time

Loneliness is what I feel now...

Please forgive me...

reenacted 2001, created 1991
SGGS, Penang

Malay poetry in English